Thursday, July 20, 2017

Personal & Social Core Competency Picture Book List

*Positive Personal and Cultural Awareness*
*Personal Awareness and Responsibility*
*Social Responsibility*

Just posted!  I created this book list for a summer class in Human Development and Theory as part of my course work during my Master's Degree in Self-Regulated Learning at UBC. My passion and teaching philosophy is rooted in Social Emotional Learning and last year I did a lot of work with Core Competencies, teaching, and making them come alive in my classroom. This often took place through lessons involving Children's Literature. As I am a massive picture book lover, creating the Personal and Social Core Competency book list as my course project gave me the excuse to go to Kids Books in Vancouver, and add more beautiful titles to my ever growing collection and do some planning for next year. Take a look! I hope you find the book list helpful and that it might be a starting point for your own core competency journey. If you would like the PDF version feel free to comment below or direct message me on twitter @sd36msjames

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  1. Thank you SO much for sharing your work on using picture books to teach and focus on the personal and social core competencies! Love it and will definitely use it as a reference