Monday, February 6, 2017

My Freshgrade Journey & Classroom Use

Freshgrade Learning 

Check out the link to my new page and the rest of the blog entry....

2015/2016 school year I used Freshgrade to document and communicate student learning in my classroom. This year 2016/2017 I am using it but have made some adjustments to how I use, assess and post information. I thought I would share as I find it interesting how others use it in their classroom. This year some of the biggest changes have been creating more time to do more authentic student reflections on the activities and learning we are doing in the classroom. I have created a a document with collaboration with some of my colleagues on some sentence starters to create dialogue between students, teachers, and parents and for students to reflect on their learning and communicate their learning. Check out my page I hope it is helpful to spark discussion in your classroom. I also have really taught my students this year to be reflective about themselves as learners. It has been a process to gain insightful responses, and create dialogue between students, teachers and parents. I have really invested time this year into commenting on activities, asking questions and pushing my students further to reflect upon their work, and restate the learning outcomes and process of how this learning came to be. 

Check out the link to my new page and the rest of the blog entry....

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