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SEL Book List 

During a course for my Masters Degree in Human Development, Learning and Culture I completed a course in Social and Emotional Development in Education. I created for my final project  a SEL booklist resource to demonstrate my learning. As I am a major fan of picture books and can't resist the urge to browse titles and figure out ways to incorporate books into my classroom and lessons my final project was a SEL booklist on some of the key topics for my course- Mindfulness, Resilience, Empathy, and Bullying. I've found and used some of these great titles. My project gives you a quick glimpse of the storyline an provide some lesson ideas for the classroom. Take a look below and feel free to use, file link for the pdf on google drive is also provided


Social Emotional Learning Resources Collection

As I find, use, implement, or go to professional development workshops I will try to keep an updated list (maybe even annotated) of resources that I feel are worthy to share, use and implement in the classroom

1.), webinars, resources, research in the SEL field. A fantastic resource for anyone implementing SEL into the classroom, understanding the benefits. Practical, useful, and a fantastic resource for anyone.

2.) love! and the pro-d conferences are wonderful!

3.) Edutopia- useful short professional development articles containing teachers perspective, implementable materials, articles make you think and create connections 

4.) Julia Cooks SEL based childrens literature and corresponding teachers guides Can be used across many different grade levels, books tackle classroom situations and behaviors in a relatable way for students to grasp

6.) Fabulous resource, training, effective, useful, mindfulness in schools, well planned and created resource for teachers, great lessons and foundation for life. Multiple grade levels of programs.

7.) such a great concept and way for students to look and think about kindness, empathy, community, building positive and respectful relationships. Endless amounts of paths that you can use these practical books in your classroom in any grade.

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